Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Comic Book Reviews - January 10, 2018

The new year is here and it's time to try something new around here as well! Rather than examining just one comic that may or may not relate to something relevant, like a movie or TV show, I felt, if I were to get back into writing about comic books, that I could take a bit of a simpler route and do little blurbs on books. But what books? Why, the books I pick up each week! So, welcome to the first rendition of my weekly comic book reviews!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Blue Nexus #77 - Ares and Artemis

Previously on "Blue Nexus": The Magus War came to its climactic conclusion, forever shaking the status of magic in the world up. Its conclusion rocked the Zanderia to its core. Sandy decided to go on her own quest to discover the limits of her abilities and how she will choose to her powers. Now, Kyle has to try and pick up the pieces from the end of the war and get back on course to being the Blue Nexus, hero of the Earth...and the galaxy. 

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Blue Nexus: Dark Soul - Prologue

The big moment drew nearer. Ken Masterson watched the Mystic Sven continue their small excavation into the remains of Magus Forest, hanging back a bit to try and slow them down while he thought of his plan. One wrong move would result in his death, or the world’s. Ken looked over at the leader, the man who wore a cloak and had fake markings running down his left and right arms, as well as tattoos all along his neck, touching his chin. Corbin Alkeste.
                Corbin eyed Ken. “What’re you slowing down for?”
                Ken rolled his sleeves up and shrugged. “Got a little tired.”         
                “Doesn’t matter,” Corbin said. “Keep going. We’re close, I can feel it.”

Blog Update: Winter 2018

So last year was a bit...sporadic. Quite different, I'd also add. There were notable omissions from this little blog here, as well as some heavy delays to some once-tightly scheduled publications, as well as a seemingly random schedule of releases when it came to some reviews or content in general. 2017 certainly didn't make it easy for me to get around to this, but after spending some time thinking about how to handle the blog moving forward, I think I know what direction to take things moving into 2018. And, if everything pans out like I'm hoping it will, then there's some pretty exciting stuff coming down the tube.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Top 10 Comics of 2017

2017 has effectively come and gone. We came into the year one person and have probably left it a completely different one. It's been an interesting year, especially for me. I've unfortunately (as many readers may have noticed) not been quite as on top of things as I have been in past years. It was a big transitional period in my life this year, and I'm hoping that 2018 will allow me more time to get back to this blog, because I do love writing about various anime, movies, TV shows, and most especially comic books. And if there were always one thing this year I could count on, regardless of quality or quantity, it was my stack of comics week in and week out. 

So today, let's check out my Top 10 Series and Issues of 2017. 

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Blue Nexus #76 - Grass is Always Greener

Previously on "Blue Nexus:" The Magus War came to it's epic conclusion! As Kyle faced off with the powerful and mysterious Demon Mage Faustus, Brenda, Sandy, and Tania all took on Rafael in a desperate final bout to rid the world of the dangerous Divinity mage. Tania sacrificed herself, and in doing so gave Brenda and Sandy the opportunity to end the threat of Rafael once and for all. Meanwhile, Kyle was defeated at the hands of Faustus, but Brenda's resolve to keep fighting, combined with Kyle's own latent power, stayed his hand from wiping them out, ending the battle and thus the war. 

Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC Wishlist

Merry Almost-Christmas everybody! Normally I’d take this time to talk about another list of things from this past year as a means of reflection, but screw that noise, Dragon Ball FighterZ is almost here and I wanna talk about that, because I am ECSTATIC to play this game. I didn’t get in on the closed beta and I’ve basically blocked out the weekend of January 14th-16th as time to play it and learn some of the characters I’m interested in most (Teen Gohan, Trunks, Hit, Beerus for those that care). There’s still one lingering mystery over the game: who are the eight DLC fighters going to be? We haven’t gotten many hints and there’s speculation abound, so, I’ve decided to throw my hat and hopes into the ring!