Tuesday, October 27, 2015

"Wytches" Review

        Horror comics (heck, Image Comics in general) weren’t really a thing I expected to be reading much of this year, given that Image has been somewhat lacking in recent years. Then I found cheap stuff on Amazon and the triple threat Warren Ellis-Declan Shavley-Jordie Bellaire took on Injection and here we are now. While Injection isn’t really a “horror” comic, today’s review certainly is. Have to squeeze a little something extra in for Halloween, right?

"Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign" Review

Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign, or Owari no Seraph, premiered earlier this year and was Broadcast Dubbed by Funimation. It's second part, the first only being twelve episodes, also began just three weeks ago. It was widely hyped before it premiered. Tons of people were looking forward to it, myself included. But the time warp that was this summer occurred and I never got back around to it. Come the end, I discovered what people really thought it, and it was a stark contrast to what the series was originally hyped to be.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Blue Nexus #28--Into the Nether!

            It was dense. Cold. Bleak. The sky was dark grey. The cliffs were pure black. There was no changing light in the sky. There was no wind. There was no noise. It was purely still.
            For as far as one could see, there was nothing but dark grey and black. The cliffs cut into the sky overhead as well. It had to be a quarry of sorts, then. There were a few black boulders that slowly came into view, constructing themselves from mere blurry polygons.
            Not even steps made a sound. There was no crunching of the gravel below, nor the slight thump one heard when landing a foot on the ground.
            Sheer silence.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

"Justice League" #45 Review

Well, after the cataclysm of last month's issue, this month's Justice League isn't letting up any time soon. Even though only one character died, it would seem that everyone is now going through some, well...

The arc so far has been nothing short of amazing. Incredible action, stunning artwork, compelling plot twists, and a scope so big that this may affect the team for a very long time to come, even more so than "Forever Evil" did two years ago. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

"Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F'" Review

The latest of the "Dragon Ball" films finally sees its national DVD/Blu-Ray/Digital release today, and as such, I'm finally able to watch it and review it. I've been looking forward to this movie for quite a while. As a fan of Dragon Ball Z, why wouldn't I be? It's the return of Frieza, one of the best villains of the series and one of the most recurring ones. You can never put a good villain down, I suppose. 

The premise of the movie, much like any "Dragon Ball" film, is fairly simple: Frieza's been resurrected and he's headed to Earth to seek revenge on Goku and Future Trunks. Obviously, Future Trunks is no longer around since he returned to the future several years prior, so Frieza settles for Goku. And so the war for the Earth is to be waged. 

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Can 'Assassin's Creed' Return to Glory?

I'd be remiss to mention that I followed this series with vigorous dedication through last year. Why stop? Because the series sort of hit a peak when we raised the Black Flag and sailed to create a great land of pirates, filled with freedom, random Assassins, and a sort of weak story but was made up by incredible gameplay and visuals!

Then, we got glitches. And more glitches. And then some more bugs. And a forced-to-be-free DLC. And the lacking use of an era filled with potential for an AC story, and just give us the ambiance with little more execution. Match all that with a lackluster current day story line and...

Wow. "Syndicate" needs to be through the roof awesome. Though, that's not the vibe I'm getting from this series.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Blue Nexus #27--Conference

       Traffic flowing into East City wasn’t too bad, but Boomer felt himself growing more and more impatient by the second. In a world where there were more people being known to fly than species being found, he really wished he could sprout that ability right about now. Instead he was stuck in a five year-old car driving three hours toward a metropolitan area—where parking would be all but impossible—to find a man he had never really met, and was only following a hunch on where to find him.
         What a glorious situation. The world might be ending, he might be getting betrayed, and he was stuck driving some car to some city.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Green Arrow (2011) #35-40 Review

Well, Arrow is coming back for a fourth season tonight, and there is going to be a dramatic shift in terms of tone for the season, apparently. I'm completely fine with that. Last season tried to get super dark and edgy and instead, mixed with horrendous marketing and early spoilers, it ended up a colossal mess, the highlight of the season being the stuff early on with the various archers, anything with Nyssa, and Episode 18 "Public Enemies," which is actually one of the best Arrow episodes yet. 

I bring up "Public Enemies" because of its impact on what we're taking a look at today. Around this time last year, I took a look at Green Arrow #35, in which the creative team behind Arrow took over the Green Arrow comic. You can check out the review here. When it first came out, I loved the book. After going over it again, and in a complete story?

Yeaaaahhh, not so much. 

Monday, October 5, 2015

Top 10 Favorite Movies

On this day last year I did my Top 10 Favorite TV Shows (click the link to check it out), so, this year I figure I would jump straight into the day with my Top 10 Favorite Movies, a list that is actually much harder to compile, as I watch far more TV series than I do movies. However, since I figured out what movies go where on the list, things haven't changed. The same definitely can't be said about my favorite TV shows, where I know things are different. 

Of course, as this is a Top 10 list, it's a biased perspective about these movies. Also, these are not the Top 10 "Greatest" movies of all time, simply my favorites. So if there are weird choices you would never think would be on here, well, it's because they're my choice. I can promise you that my Top 10 is probably different than your Top 10. 

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Blog Update #5: Halloween/ November Event

Ah, October. The best month of the year. At some points, the busiest. At others, the most relaxing. I've gone into detail why October is the best, in an actual blog post, so I don't feel the real need to divulge the reasons behind it. Needless to say, though, the entertainment industry really starts to kick into gear around October/ November, and this year is certainly no exception. 

In November, one of the most anticipated games (probably) ever is coming out in Star Wars: Battlefront and later this month we'll see a new Supergirl series, which I'm very optimistic about. I love Supergirl and this adaptation so far seems like it'll take good care of the character.