Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Comic Book Reviews - May 30, 2018

As one DC weekly series ends, another begins. And in an extra-large extra week of comics, one can only rely on one thing to pull them through all of the insanity: Gorgeous artwork.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Blue Nexus #87 - A Toxic Relationship

Previously on "Blue Nexus": Kyle helped an alien girl named Ven fight off some rogue government agents bent on capturing her for nefarious reasons. They hit it off fast, forming a good friendship with signs of blossoming into something more. Meanwhile, Kyle and Andreus have been preparing for the upcoming lacrosse season, though their magic-fueled feud has created an ugly stain on their reputation. And Kyle, after the battle with the Starlan, still has a broken, useless Nexus bracelet. 

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Dark Souls - The Burden of Legacy

Legacy is a funny thing. Everyone strives to have one. Everyone wants to be remembered, everyone wants to be known as doing something. It's not a bad thing to want, so long as there is something else, something more, that drives you. Maybe you want to be the best racecar driver. If all that's there is the desire to be the best and not prove anything, maybe you're missing something. It's a hollow legacy. Sometimes, these people who have a legacy, who have something they must strive for, are burdened by it. They have to carry a certain weight or prowess about them that; this is seen nowhere better than the 2011 From Software video game, Dark Souls.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Comic Book Reviews - May 23, 2018

This week, as we say goodbye to Tynion's storied run on Detective Comics it's also time to tell Moon Knight to just look at the flowers. Also: FLASH WAR HYPE!

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Why Flash War Matters

One of the great debates among comic book fans is that of legacy. Since several icons have existed for 70+ years, it's only natural that several different men and women would share the name of a hero. Characters like Robin, Green Lantern, Captain America, and Spider-Man have had multiple people call themselves the true hero under the mask. But perhaps the biggest debate of all comes down to who is the Flash, who is the better Speeder: Barry Allen, or Wally West? As it would seem, this notion will lead these men to war with one another. So, it seems we have just another hero vs. hero debate, right? Well, I think it's a bit more than that.

Monday, May 21, 2018

Detective Comics & The Problem with Good Bad Guys

The story going on in Detective Comics can find its roots in the 2014 maxi-series Batman Eternal, a comic that celebrated the then-75 years that Planet Earth and beyond has been dealing with the Batman. It featured a menagerie of Batman heroes, villains, and mysteries. That story then led into Batman & Robin Eternal, which put more of an emphasis on the side-characters, allowing us to explore the people affected by Batman. By the time that book wrapped, we'd basically been introduced to all the major players in the Bat-family. Thus we have Detective Comics, a hodge-podge of great heroes...and several not-so-great villains.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

Blue Nexus - Dark Soul Pt. 5: Dark Soul of Man

Previously in "Blue Nexus - Dark Soul": Kyle and Brenda uncovered a mysterious entity that has the power to reset the world known as the Dark Soul. Brenda was flung to the far future to see what effects this would ultimately have on the world, and the destruction it brings, and Kyle was shown what horrors truly await in the Halls of Penetanon. Meanwhile, the world in the present has reached a boiling point for magic, led by the nefarious Mystic Sven mage Corbin Alkeste, who seeks the Dark Soul to end the modern era. 

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Blue Nexus #86 - Men of Yesteryear

Previously on "Blue Nexus": Kyle met an alien girl named Ven while defending her from an anti-alien task force at school. He was forfeited from attending any major school events, despite having asked her to prom. Still, they've remained close since then. At the same time, Kyle's responsibilities with the Zanderia continue to increase, with threats constantly escalating. 

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Gurren Lagann - The Power of Hope

One of the most special things about anime is how it is a medium all of its own; it's different from Western animation in terms of style and how the Japanese culture and ideas influence the stories and characters that inspire it, and visuals are often too imaginative for anything to be caught on actual film, or to be read on a page. Sometimes shows are capable of transcending the media that is set before it and it becomes a classic both visually and in terms of thematic storytelling. One of the most popular mecha shows of all time, Gurren Lagann, vaults over the possible in terms of animation and character and places itself as one of the most special and inspiring pieces of fiction ever to be created.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Comic Book Reviews - May 9, 2018

In a week dominated by DC, it takes a certain anti-hero from Marvel to rise above the rest. But that doesn't mean we get shirked some goodies, like a whole heaping of Stephanie Brown, or a ton of emotions with Wally West! Also the Justice League has to fix the broken Source Wall. No biggie.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Blue Nexus #85 - Blue Prism

Previously in "Blue Nexus": A new superhero emerged just after Alucard's reign ended, a hero whose powers rely on all forms of light named Prism. The man aided in the battles against the evil mages in the Magus War and has become a prominent member of the Zanderia since then, but not much has been learned of his powers...until now! 

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Comic Book Reviews - May 2, 2018

This week we have more anthologies featuring Superman, a new Power Rangers book, and I only bring up Infinity War twice and neither time is with spoilers. Take that, Internet!