Thursday, September 29, 2016

Blue Nexus #53 - Two and a Half Ninjas

            Capital Industries used to house three major skyscrapers in Pacific City. One was to the far east, where a tiny demographic of regular civilians lived, and the other two were twenty blocks away from one another in main heart of the city. Four years ago the Sentinel was exposed to the world at large and Capital Industries was discovered to be little more than a front for a rogue military based off of the martial law of Renza, an island city in the Mediterranean.
            Kyle stood atop the tallest of the buildings, nicknamed the Sentinel Tower. He was a major figure in Pacific City, and Kyle understood why. Without him there might not be any push for costumed vigilantes in the city, or even the world. Prior to him, as Kyle understood it, there were vigilantes that were too dumb or reckless to act wisely. The Sentinel and Phoenix were the first two normal humans to show the world how it could be done, and Riko showed the world what real power was. Kyle liked to think he was a nice mix between the two styles.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Supergirl (2005) #10 Review

Supergirl rocks, dude. Regardless of whether or not it's Kara Zor-El or the Matrix/ Linda Danvers, Supergirl has always stood out, for me, as being a symbol of empowerment for the younger audience, much like how some would look up to Raven, Tim Drake, or Starfire. She's a teen (in most comic iterarions; the television series Supergirl is I believe 24 to match Melissa Benoist's looks and age) that has Superman's powers and is thrust into a world where Superman already exists and his enemies have already formed. Oh, and everyone wants to tell her what to do. Great! Supergirl. Rocks. 

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Has Fairy Tail Already Peaked?

It seems to be an evil trend in many Shounen style anime and manga that the series will hit its finest hour before it can come to a proper conclusion, which leads many fans looking back and saying, "No, it should have ended here." With the latest arc of Fairy Tail presumably going to be the one that closes the series out (did you read the latest chapter? Yeah it should be obvious), I was left to wonder if this goofy little series has already hit that point. 

Monday, September 26, 2016

Arrow Season 5 Hopes

I think we can all agree that the last two seasons of the CW's Arrow have been underwhelming compared to the greatness of the first two. You can't really pin it on the writers and the creative teams (they are, after all, juggling the ongoing and complex storylines of three other major television series) and the actors haven't turned in bad performances at all. But, results are results. Arrow has now become the most divisive series among fans of the CW-verse (some saying it's the worst of the bunch, and some saying it still holds up compared to the other series in the universe). I tend to fall in the latter category. Is it the best? Probably not. Supergirl couldn't find much of an identity, Legends of Tomorrow lost me partway through, and The Flash''s season finale was, again, a major whimper of an ending. 

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Blue Nexus #52 - Distress Call

            His powers were failing and he was outnumbered, cornered and helpless in Pacific City. Thunder clapped above him and the skies above drenched him with thick rain. The alleyway walls were slick with water, each like its own little waterfall pasted onto concrete. He was shivering, but his blood ran hot with the heat of battle.
            His legs suddenly gave out from under him and his knees crashed to the ground, splashing water all around him like a geyser. The Moon was huge overhead, watching him but unable to do anything except shine bright white light upon him and his attackers.
            The assailants approached him. Clad in black and wearing tight outfits, they approached him. Purple markings of Combat mages lined their bodies like tattoos. Each was unique, though each glowed in the darkness. Yet Kyle did not feel any light bouncing back onto him. They approached individually, pressing him deeper into the corner of the alley.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Funimation and Crunchyroll Partnership!! :D

Wow I was totally planning on doing a review of Gunslinger Girl today but this is something that I feel like I should have posted about the day off because it is HUGE for the anime community. Besides I've got the rest of the year/ until the Internet finally explodes to talk about Gunslinger Girl so like what's the rush?

Is Justice League Rebirth...Bad?

DC's "Rebirth" initiative has been a critical and commercial success. It's simply something you cannot deny. Green Arrow went from one of DC's lowest sellers to one of its best. Batman has only maintained its popularity and it seems Tom King is finally poised to take a firm control of the book (despite an upcoming crossover). There is promise all across the board for DC's books and the fervor surrounding the company's line of comics is stronger than it's been in a longtime. So why is it that the flagship title is doing so poorly?

Friday, September 2, 2016

Blue Nexus #51 - The Tiger Trap

            “We’re unsure how and when it began still, but it is clear to all of us that the infamous Tiger Trio have returned and are back on their path of terrorism in our streets,” the reporter said. “Rodney Obermon, aka Fire Tiger, has started his own path and, from the looks of it, is actually causing lakes to steam up around him and is…oh, my…melting the streets around him. Things, well, they aren’t looking much better with his two cohorts, Thunder Tiger and Lightning Tiger. The Zanderia have not made an appearance yet and the police are making district evacuations a top priority.”