Friday, September 25, 2015

Superman #74 & The Adventures of Superman #497 Review

Previously, in the story: Doomsday, assuredly an angsty teenage alien with strange crystals, has begun to ravage the Earth because he wants people to notice him. Superman stopped a giant drill in Metropolis then went on a reality TV series where some punk 90s kid thought Guy Gardner was cooler than him. After blowing up a truck he wanted for Christmas, Doomsday took on the Justice League and basically smacked them around like volleyball before Booster Gold was literally punched away and Superman found him, ready to spin some truth, justice, and 'merica toward Doomsday. 

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Blue Nexus #26--Boomer Sooner


          An uncomfortable silence fell into the courtyard. Patton looked back and forth between the two Nexuses, waiting for a response of some kind. Kyle was completely unsure of what to say.
          Two hundred fifty people just vanishing with nobody making a big deal out of it? That’s insane, almost impossible. Then again, how had he or anyone in the Zanderia not noticed? It was all from one city, so it would be concentrated, and since it was a major East Coast city, it would have sparked something on a scanner, wouldn’t it? Eclipse should have noticed y now for sure.
Kyle stole a glance up to Hood Nexus, who was in deep thought as well. Patton sighed, then placed her hands on her hips in impatience.

Monday, September 21, 2015

"Death Parade" Review

Tell ya this much, I'm dying to see just one short of Light Yagami being judged by Decim or Ginti. Probably be one heck of an anime special. 

Ah, Death Parade. Much as 2015 has brought us some lackluster anime, with little to nothing (barring sequel series) original coming out, it has also brought us some of the weirdest series I've gotten the pleasure to view. Virgin witches fighting battles against the French and British while being judged by God. An octopus creature capable of destroying the Earth teaching a class of roudy students to become professional assassins. Robots from Mars and Earth being piloted by various youth with a rocking soundtrack. And who could forget the continuing adventures of a whimsical little wizard guild doing on all sorts of fun things, and going on magical journies full of friendship and wonder and happiness! 

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So whimsical. 

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Should Dragon Rulers return to Yu-Gi-Oh!?

The October 2015 Forbidden/Limited List is on its way soon, possibly even being revealed within the next week, and so as it approaches I can only help but wonder two things: 1. Are they really going to keep Stratos on the Forbidden List for more formats? 2. Should the "Dragon Rulers" come back?

Now, granted, there are a lot of things that need to happen in order for either of those things to happen. I'm not honestly not too sure what we'll see this coming list. I'll assume Elder Entity Norden gets a solid Limiting, as might Instant Fusion as those two go together well. Therefore Super Polymerization will probably stay on the list. And, given that Satellarknights won the 2015 World Championship, some of their key cards will also see a bit of a hit. Maybe even Necroz, because why not? I wouldn't be mad.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Blue Nexus #25--Twin Nexus Pt. 1

          “No!” shouted Hood Nexus. Gargador wasted no time, though, and bounded straight for him.
Hood Nexus dodged, Gargador’s punch sending a blast of air down the street that knocked several people over and managed to knock a car back. Hood Nexus reappeared just in front of Gargador, who was quick to react as well, shifting his body so he could throw more weight into the punch he delivered to Hood Nexus.
            Gargador followed him into the air, nearly hitting him back down. Hood Nexus pushed himself away with a blast, and the two remained suspended in the air, glaring at each other.

Super Angry Birds #1 Review

I've never been much of an "Angry Birds" kind of guy...I'm not much of a mobile-phone gaming kind of person either. But I am very much into comic books, so when I saw that THIS was a thing, I had to check it out. Though I suppose it's not the strangest thing these birds are geared up for. 

I'm pretty sure an "Angry Birds" movie is still in production, and if it's anything like this, faithful fans may be a little disappointed at the end result. But, I mean, it'd be pretty difficult to adapt the point of the game into anything other than a simple game to pass the time. How do you make a story out of several birds with angry faces being sling-shotted at various wooden or metal structures? 

Well, apparently IDW thought they would be able to, and so we have this little comic to look at today! 

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Cowboy Bebop vs. Black Lagoon

I should preface this discussion by saying these are two of the best shows I've ever watched. Both are incredibly written, the characters are absolutely unforgettable, and even the animation of an older series like Cowboy Bebop still holds up very well. They're great for different reasons but are also very similar in many regards.

It's because of this similarity that I got to wondering which show is actually supreme? Then I got to thinking that it might actually be more appropriate to judge this next to Samurai Champloo because of the jazz-theme infused in both, but I really feel that Cowboy Bebop has a more Western-type feeling to it regarding the characters, their motivation, and the stories at play.