Monday, April 28, 2014

Should the new Justice League film be a New 52 interpretation?

Lately I've been delving into, and catching up on, a lot of the New 52 that DC Comics is producing. And overall, I'm really liking what I'm seeing. My main reads, in case you're wondering, are the Green Arrow books (ah, man, such a good interpretation of him!) and the new Batman: Eternal run that is actually super interesting and suspenseful. But beyond that, I've read Justice League of America, the original Batman run (like Court of Owls, City of Owls, etc.) and some of the Justice League. I've seen the Justice League: War film that is based off of Volume 2 of the book, and I'm familiar with what the New 52 has brought to each character.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Why we should worry more for Avengers 2 than Man of Steel 2

Alright, it's like this:

You've got a team of characters whose movies bolstered over a billion dollars two years ago and has thrown every nerd and kid (so...every kid) into a frenzy. Names such as Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, and "that guy Samuel L. Jackson plays...not the one from Star Wars" have become household names for people who just go to movies to watch a good movie. And you know, what, that's great! More people are into it than ever! That means more money and more chances to make things right, right?

Hehe...sadly, no.

The 100: "His Sister's Keeper" Review

You know at this point I'm not really sure who we're supposed to be rooting for. Finn seems like kind of a bad guy considering how he's messed with two girls now and with no reason behind it. Clarke has sort of faded into the background doing the housekeeping. Meanwhile, Bellamy has gotten a lot of character development and has morphed into a fairly decent leader. Nobody rallies around him like a bunch of primitives anymore. The closing shot with everything established and the walls and what not seems like he has everything under control, something we never thought to see when the season began and the 100 first landed. It's like Bellamy is the hunter and Clarke is the gatherer. At least, that's how it's coming off.

Arrow: "Seeing Red" Review/ Thoughts

Totally caught off guard by the last ten minutes or so of the episode. I mean it felt like it was its own episode. So many twists and turns and then at the end, man, that sucked.

This episode had a nice way of making seemingly irrelevant things relevant. Like the flashbacks. We took time away from the island to check out the year before the island to a near catastrophic event in Oliver's life. Then we had Sin, who, though she didn't do anything, it was nice to see she was still alive.

Friday, April 18, 2014

The 100: "Twilight's Last Gleaming" Review/ Thoughts

Well this episode certainly defined what it means to start lame and end interesting. And I'm talking really lame. Though it does kick off right where we left off last week with Finn and Clarke, which is good to see it getting straight to the point, I do have an issue with it going straight to Finn and Clarke because romance. That's pretty much it. It also starts off pretty slow considering how quickly events are unfolding up above on the Ark. I suppose that was a nice contrast, but, still.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Arrow Season 3 Potential (pre-Season 2 finale)

Alright so I'm just gonna be straight about this, that most of this is based off of the New 52 stuff in the Green Arrow comics that's been coming out. Like basically all of it is New 52 stuff. But why? Because this stuff is really cool and would be an interesting way to reconnect Oliver to the island in the present times, even more than he's been connected in Season 2 with the Mirakuru.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Arrow: "The Man Under the Hood" Review

Well considering how much of a downward spiral Team Arrow has been in ever since Slade revealed himself back in Episode 15, "The Promise," I'd say that things actually looked slightly up for the team.


Friday, April 11, 2014

Marvel Studios Hopeful New Characters!

I mean, seriously people! I know we've covered the bases with the most famous characters Marvel Studios owns, but, that doesn't mean we have to keep banking on them. The Iron Man toys will sell and have sold since Iron Man was created. Captain America isn't becoming any less cool with the hype for the third movie, and Thor's hammer Mjonlinr isn't spinning any slower. I don't really think we need to plaster these heroes all over the place. What about the little guys?

The guys who aren't necessarily the clean-up crew, but the guys whose backstories make you scratch your head with intrigue. The ones who we are still uncertain about, the ones from outer space who can stand up to interstellar behemoths, the ones who kill zombies! Those are some cool characters right there.

The 100: "Murphy's Law" Review/ Thoughts

The CW really is pushing this whole darkness thing on The 100, aren't they? This week's episode was a political, dark story where sides were made, people were banished/ arrested, and hook-ups became a thing, or even, a near thing. While not as intense as the last episode, since there was a big cloud of death that was chasing everybody, this episode felt much more personal and character driven for characters who, while are main characters, have not been as exposed as we would like, i.e. Finn and Raven.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Man of Steel: World's Finest VS Captain America 3: Stuff (these titles are not real...maybe)

So I've tentaviely titled the next "Captain America" movie "Stuff" because stuff is gonna happen and I obviously do not know what will transpire in Avengers: Age of Ultron. And I'm sticking with that Man of Steel sequel title because WHY NOT DC?! So do not believe either of those titles.

This is only an early, post-Captain America: The Winter Soldier look at the two movies that are to be coming out on the same day, May 6, 2016. Obviously, I can't see both movies at the same time. Human cloning has yet to be perfect.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Super-Hero Crossovers...and how they can work

Let me just say that I am like the last person to understand movie politics and all that. I have no idea what goes on behind the scenes. Heck, I'm still recovering from there nearly being a female Dr. Doom in the Fantastic Four 2015 reboot (it was a legit rumor). So, I can't speak for them.

I can, though, speak as a happily disgruntled fan. I am happy because, hey, this is the golden age of comic-book movies. Just to name a few...several...we've got Nolan's Batman trilogy, Iron Man, Man of Steel (HEY I thought that movie was cool, it's my opinion), Thor: The Dark World, The Avengers and most recently, arguably better than The Avengers, Captain America: The Winter Soldier. And in 2016, we're getting the first ever mash-up of DC's two largest characters and maybe the most famous super-heroes in general, Superman and Batman. Oh, and Wonder-Woman, but, we don't know the extent of her role so I'm not sure how big of a deal I can make of it.

The 100: "Earth Kills" Review

This show just continues to prove itself. Only three episodes in and we're already fairly invested in our main characters, we've already had a major death, and the villain has just been given some pretty major depth. Not only that, but the plot is unraveling quickly. The 100, or now 94, are going to be geared up for civil war meanwhile a threat of unknown strength lingers just outside their domain, not to mention the other secrets that the uninhabited Earth holds for our characters.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Will There Ever Be a "Harry Potter" Again?

It seems that ever since the "Harry Potter" series of books ended, people have been looking furiously for the next series that will fill the gap. This has led to good things and bad, and actually, the good things and the bad things kind of coincide.

In looking for the series to fill their gap, people have uncovered some pretty marvelous series to read and have brought them to fame. However, in that same respect, those books are tarnished because they did not live up to what people wanted out of them, it was not the book they were looking for.

Friday, April 4, 2014

"Captain America: The Winter Soldier" Review--Spoilers!!

If you have not seen the latest Marvel Studios film Captain America: The Winter Soldier then do not read this review, because there will be spoilers because honestly if I did not have spoilers, then I would just be randomly rambling on about how good of a movie this is.

There is my spoiler warning. Let us begin

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Arrow: "Deathstroke" Review

This is it, man. This is like the episode we've been waiting for from the CW's Arrow. It was expected for Deathstroke-y things to happen and while that was not the case, it certainly was a big day for the man under the pseudo-hockey mask. And all of his allies were in on it this time.