Monday, October 1, 2018

Blog Update - Fall 2018

A new season comes with a new schedule around here! Click on to see what's coming up for the next few months here at the ol' blog!

If you live anywhere else but the southern states/ hemisphere, you're probably getting some reasonable weather right about now. Good for you. For the rest of us, we're still melting.

But that doesn't mean things won't change around here! No way. We've got some major updates coming down the drain, and it's my humble responsibility to fill you good readers in on it so you aren't blindsided by the sudden onslaught and then disappearance of content between October and November!

Let's just get right into the meat of it so we're not wasting anyone's time:

October is the month of spooks and ghouls and tricks and treats. A time where the monsters come out to play. But there yet lives a fifth dimension, one not of sight and sound but of mind, where the monsters are always tricking and treats are hard to find. Where spooks and ghouls are the least of your worries. And for the entire month of October, this month will be traversing deeper into that mysterious dimension simply known as...


Every weekday in October, there will be one discussion post about one of my favorite Twilight Zone, all building up to my favorite episode of the entire series. Twenty-three days, twenty-three episodes. I'll have gone crazy by the end, but hey, it'll be fun along the way!

Comic book reviews and "Blue Nexus" stories will still be coming, though. Almost every Saturday you can expect some kind of roundup of reviews from the previous week, and every other Sunday is reserved for continuing "The Bounty" arc of "Blue Nexus"! So there's some semblance of normalcy here, at least.

November is where things get tricky. This year, I've decided to give it a go with National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo for short. I've always thought about getting into it, but never had the time or just forgot about it until halfway through the month, and at that point it was far too late.

But I'm committing myself this year, and unfortunately, in order to win NaNoWriMo, I'll have to set aside blogging duties for all of November. No discussion posts, no "Blue Nexus," no comic book reviews. It'll be like the summer, only shorter, and with much better weather. Apologies for the lack of content, this is just something very near and dear to me and I want to challenge myself as a writer, and this seems like the perfect way to do so.

December will see things get back to normal, a bit. It'll be a time of reflection, where we can look back on the year, or years past, and the schedule will return to the same as always: every other week discussion and "Blue Nexus" updates, and weekly comic book reviews. And after's 2019. Who knows what'll happen then!

Thank you all for your continued support and for reading this blog. Next time we meet, we'll be delving into the Twilight Zone, in a small apartment complex with a scared young woman as she lives out the final days of the Earth...because the planet is hurtling toward the Sun at an alarming rate in "The Midnight Sun"!

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