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Road to the Justice League: DC's Cinematic Universe


Originally I was going to post this as a mean to assess how the DC Cinematic Universe stands with the addition of Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, but since I'm an idiot, I completely forgot about the second installment, Suicide Squad, we're getting later this year in August. So, since Suicide Squad will likely not involve anything involving the upcoming Justice League: Part One, I feel it's safe to assess things based on this film.

Also, to buffer myself from hovering eyes before I get into spoilers, I don't think that Wonder Woman will do much in terms of expansion either, unless by some miracle it actually leads to a minor plot thread in the film. The way I see it: "Dawn of Justice" was the equivalent to Iron Man 2 and Wonder Woman will be our Captain America: The First Avenger in how we look into the past and how it affected them nowadays before we hop into the big team movie.

While DC has had far fewer movies for us to get to know our characters, I feel that the Justice League movie coming so soon isn't unwarranted. Think about it: who really knew about Iron Man or Hulk prior to the Avengers? Who really knew about the Avengers? This is compared to Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Yes, they do deserve their solo films, but if Batman were to get his own movie, it would be a new Batman within perhaps four or five years. We've seen how that worked with Spider-Man, and in short, it was not well.

This isn't meant to excuse "Dawn of Justice." It was still disappointing, and it still crammed too much of the Justice League into its film. Those ridiculous short clips of Flash, Cyborg, and Aquaman? Super weird. That Flash cameo where he busts through time (or...dimensions? No idea what that was, or if it really happened) was neat and good enough. We saw the Flash. Aquaman also could have showed up as well when those people in the Indian Ocean found the Kryptonite, and Cyborg could have been explained as a victim of the falling debris from the attack in Metropolis.

However, now I'm left to wonder how much of this will be covered in Justice League: Part One and how much will be devoted to the coming of Darkseid, as very harshly foreshadowed by Lex Jr. at the end of the film. It almost seems as if that movie will be a little pow-wow of Wondie and Bats going around and getting the band together before, or during, the arrival of Darkseid.

After all, Batman knows Darkseid is coming because...uh...he read the script? Yeah, that whole "Knightmare" thing was what really made me tilt my head during the movie (besides Batman outright murdering people). It was a dream, but, how does Batman know about Darkseid's Omega symbol, or Parademons, or Superman asking him about how he killed "her?" Which also makes me wonder how Lois Lane is the "key to everything" according to time-travelling Barry Allen, and it also makes me wonder how Barry got there in the first place in a dream.

That sequence, as a whole, probably should have been cut from the movie. It didn't serve to set up the Justice League film, didn't really serve to set up Darkseid, and while it may have been some twisted vision of the future, it really doesn't make any sense. The only way it sort of makes sense (but still not really) is if its an alternate-Earth, with a evil Superman...?

I don't know. It was dumb. And pointless.

Also pointless? The "death" of Superman. I don't think there was any person in the theatre I went to that believed Superman would actually die. It would have been a major step for DC to do so, as not even Marvel has killed a main member of their teams (Quicksilver doesn't count), but given the story it's clear that Superman would come back. Doomsday will undoubtedly return as well, sadly, but whatever. It will probably be exciting to see Superman return in the Justice League films, and it would be very hype if he does so at the end of "Part One."

Like I said in my review of the film, I'm still excited for Justice League: Part One. It'll be interesting to see how some of the main Leaguers deal with each other for the first time and how they come together for the battle against Darkseid. The first step there was a shaky one, but my faith has only wavered in DC. I'm not going to give up on them yet...or ever. I'm not going to just hop off this train and onto Marvel like it seems much of the Internet has, but I'm not going to say that I think DC is doing better. Of course not.

The doors are open for some interesting exploration. Despite my thoughts on Barry Allen's appearances, we know he is capable of travelling through time in the DC Cinematic Universe. Wonder Woman played up the mystery behind her pretty well, and what the heck was going on with Cyborg? I don't know, and I do feel that it'll be a plot-point for the movie.

So, despite some disappointment, there really isn't all too much to say about where the road to the Justice League stands. The movie, so far, may not have too many characters in it to deal with--therefore hopefully fewer plot-points--so there won't be too much to worry about knowing them. We all know what's up with Batman now and Wonder Woman will have her own movie. It'll be interesting to see how things turn out.

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