Thursday, December 17, 2015

Blue Nexus #33 - Reborn Villains

            “We need to go there right now,” Kyle said, hastily walking toward the door. Brenda jutted her arm out, stopping him. He pushed it down and walked right into a red barrier.
            “What we need is a plan and some help,” Brenda said. “Riko and Lalay are just as strong as the two of us, and there’s still Alucard there and hundreds of normal people. Where’s Hood Nexus?”
            “Never around when you ask but shows up when you need him,” Kyle said. His hands were shaking. He felt a burning in his chest to get to East City as fast as possible. Why wouldn’t Brenda feel the same way?
            Brenda shook her head. “Let’s find him first, it shouldn’t be too difficult. He’ll definitely help us out.”

            “Okay, so, let me go then,” Kyle said. The red barrier dropped.
            Kyle briskly approached the door, then turned around. Brenda followed him. Kip and Luke both stood in the living room.
            “Sorry about this guys, I promise we’ll hang out when this is all over,” Kyle said. “Which, by the looks of things, probably has to be tonight.”
            “Look just go kick his ass, man,” Kip said, flicking his wrist.
            Kyle grinned and nodded, then shot up into the sky. Brenda followed right behind him. He flew up to his normally sustained height, swiveling around, reaching out for any sense of Hood Nexus’s energy.
            “Hey, wait up!” Brenda exclaimed.
            Beads of sweat dripped down Kyle’s face. There was that massive energy to the north and then there was Brenda right there and then…and then…
            A dizzy wave crashed over Kyle. He swayed back, dropping a couple feet in the air. Brenda caught him. He blinked hard twice. He realized his aura had been going off at an insane degree. His heart slowed up.
            “I mean it,” Brenda said. “Slow down.”
            “Every second we stay here is maybe a person dying over in East City,” Kyle said. “We need to find Hood Nexus right now.”
            “We will,” Brenda said. “But your senses are going to go wild if you don’t calm down first. Breathe. Remember when we first met and you were frantically looking for Gargador? We need to do the same thing.”
            Kyle clenched his fist, his teeth already gritted. Brenda soothingly touched his shoulder. Kyle loosened up. He inhaled deep, then exhaled all of it. His heartrate was normal. His muscles were all relaxed.
            A sudden blast of energy nearly shocked him. He twitched and looked east, toward the community college. Brenda did the same.            
            “That’s gotta be him,” Brenda said.  
            “And he’s really powering up, too,” Kyle said. “Come on!”
            Brenda shot forward first, but Kyle caught up in a second. She was clearly still a little tired, even though her body was self-healing. Kyle was back at full stamina, which felt great.
            They arrived at the school in seconds, powering down and dropping into the crater. Kyle’s eyebrow rose. Reams of police cars surrounded what should have been a building. It went far deeper than Kyle expected.
            The power surge was gone now, having left when they took off. Kyle’s nerves crawled up. What could have made Hood Nexus power up so much, and then suddenly lose all of it?
            Kyle noticed Patton hanging out at the edge of the crater. He nodded to her while they descended. She perked up and sprinted toward the entrance, which was more a way of clambering down through the rubble.
            Among that rubble, a figure moved, crawling forward. Kyle and Brenda touched down and dashed toward Hood Nexus. He looked up at them. Before he could try to get a word out, Brenda had a healing cube around him, the red healing magic radiating off of it.
            “Jeez, what happened here?” asked Kyle. “Did Hood Nexus do all of this?”
            “No, Alucard caused most of this damage I believe,” Brenda said. “I wasn’t really here for that, I was up with you at that point. I only heard from Phoenix. There was an extreme source of Demon magic, here, but it was very odd. Prior to the explosion I was here and saw various Aberrants here, and fought Sandy. It must have been vital to Alucard, since it was the last thing he did before moving to East City.”
            “You make it sound so plain,” Patton said, finally down from the rubble. She brushed off her legs.
            “What, evil magicians taking over a city via demons and mind control isn’t what you normally see on a case?” asked Kyle. “Thought a detective life was supposed to be weird?”
            “We’re still not fully adjusted to you supers flying overhead, to be honest,” Patton responded. “So you have any idea what might’ve happened here? Lab goes up in smoke hours ago and we don’t find anything until right now. What the hell?”
            “Detective I’ve been out of it like you have, I really have no idea,” Kyle said. “My guess? Whoever’s behind this is also the one that’s about to take on East City full force. Riko and Lalay are both there and they aren’t in their right minds. We have to go there and stop them.”
            Patton placed a hand on her hip. “Stop them? Aren’t they the good guys?”
            “Well they’re being a little possessed at the moment,” Kyle said. “By that Alucard guy. He’s kind of been a big problem.”
            “Yeah, he tricked all of us,” Patton said. “He’s been hiding in plain sight and now it seems like this is it for him. All or nothing.”
            “We’re hoping for the nothing,” Brenda said.
            Her red barrier dropped around Hood Nexus, who stood up. He cracked most of his bones and rolled his neck. He stretched his arms as he approached Kyle and Patton.
            “Nice having you back,” Hood Nexus said. “Sorry about the mess, detective. Thought I was helping someone out.”
            “And?” asked Patton.
            “Oh, well, I did, but he tossed me to the side and just took off,” Hood Nexus said. “It was Boomer, probably headed straight for East City now. If he’s going to join Alucard then we need to intercept him.”
            “No, I think he’s going to help us,” Kyle said.
            “That makes literally no sense,” Brenda said.
            “You guys just have to trust me on this,” Kyle said. “Right now we have to get to East City and take down Riko and Lalay. Any updates on what the situation is over there?”
            “Well the Zanderia communicator isn’t working,” Brenda said.
            “Can’t say anyone’s been in contact with East City,” Patton said. “I can ask the Chief, I think we’ve been trying to send back-up.”
            “Eclipse coming through for you two?” asked Hood Nexus.
            “No, Alucard must still be blocking him from us,” Kyle said. He sighed, then rolled his shoulders back and cracked his wrists. “Great, we’re going in dark. No big deal, right?”
            “Oh, sure, sounds like a ton of fun,” Hood Nexus said. “Look if I get the chance to pound Riko and steal his thunder I’m down. Strongest warrior on Earth my butt.”
            Patton looked at the three heroes, then covered her face. Kyle raised an eyebrow in confusion, stepping toward her. She looked up, a few tears streaming down her dirt-ridden face.
            “Go get them, please,” she said, with a smile on her face.
            Confidence swelled throughout Kyle. He clenched his fists, then shot up into the sky and blasted for East City. Hood Nexus and Brenda followed quickly behind them. Kyle couldn’t help but keep Patton’s smile in his mind as they soared over the highway toward East City.
            The small metropolis rose up in the distance. Reams of cars were leaving the city. Good. Some smoke rose but it was in thin streams and in isolated patches of town. Kyle scanned the streets below. Highway rangers and police from the city were out directing traffic and helping people.
            They reached the exterior of the city in mere minutes, slowing down until they completely stopped. Police were clumped at every city exit. Several people had abandoned their vehicles and were just running for their lives away from the city. Kyle appreciated how landlocked East City was. Evacuation was much easier on everyone. And considering how long it’d been going, as well as how the city wasn’t too large, there shouldn’t be much issue.
            “Look, up ahead,” Hood Nexus said.
            Kyle’s smile faded as Riko and Lalay touched down on the building farthest outside the city. They were both grinning, with pitch-black eyes and dark magical auras around them. Lalay gestured for them to follow, and the heroes nodded, floating slowly overhead.
            Several citizens below noticed their arrival in the night sky. Even more were cheering for them, calling for them to save the city. Kyle wanted to go down and reassure each and every one of them that by dawn, the city would be completely safe, but right now he had to actually do that.
            Riko and Lalay landed in the central part of down, at the largest intersection in the city. It was completely abandoned, not a sound to be heard except for footsteps approaching them from behind.
            Sandy strode out of the shadows, with her right hand glowing dark purple and her bow radiating the same color. Her hair was down and her muscles leaner than before.
            “Thanks for finally showing up,” she said. “Alucard’s very happy about it.”
            “Well why not invite him down here too, so he can enjoy the festivities?” asked Hood Nexus. “I’d even see to it personally.”
            “There will be time for that, but as for right now we’re the main entertainment,” Sandy said. “We’re also quite glad that you waited this long, as now you won’t go out of your way to make sure that any civilians are around.”
            “I’m pretty sure collateral damage was inevitable anyway,” Kyle pointed out.
            “Enough talk, children,” Lalay said. “I’ve been waiting to test these new powers for quite some time now. Shall we?”
            “Oh, we shall,” Brenda said, turning to face Lalay.
            Sandy laughed behind them. “Oh, no. You think Alucard didn’t preplan for this, either? Our matches have been set for a long time coming. It’s why he summoned us here to begin with, for his personal amusement. It’s set to be mage versus mage.”
            Brenda turned back, looking at Sandy, who held her purple magic hand.
            “Outcast versus outcast.”
            Hood Nexus’s fist glowed blue. Dark blue winds whipped up around Lalay, holding her hands open at her side.
            “And old versus new.”
            Riko raised fisticuffs. Kyle’s stomach plummeted. Damn it. It had to be Riko. His hands also glowed blue, and his aura intensified.
            “Fight to the death,” Riko said. “And the winner will die by Alucard’s hand. Either way, he will win.”
            “Eh, let’s just focus on the now,” Hood Nexus said.
            He blasted at Lalay, punching her straight through a building, knocking the winds away. He shot through the building following after her. Brenda batted away a blast of dark purple magic and leapt into the air.
            Kyle refocused on Riko, who was still grinning widely. He stooped lower. Okay, so, Riko. You’ve been on a few missions with him, but, they weren’t really fights. It was more like him one-shotting whoever came at him. Even so, they were just powerful jabs, nothing fancy about them. You’ve been in more combat oriented situations.
            A lightbulb went off over Kyle’s head. Thunder Tiger! He was the easier of the two for Kyle to fight. He was slow to move, but get in too close and he would pummel Kyle. That was the key. Move quickly and stay at a distance. If he blasted him with enough energy eventually Riko would tire out and Kyle could move in.
            He did just that, lighting up the street with energy blasts. His arms pumped back and forth at an incredible speed, the light flashing as he barraged Riko’s spot.
            Kyle sucked in a breath, then exhaled slowly. The blue light reduced itself to smoke, parting slowly. He squinted his eyes, but his answer came in the form of a fist right in the dead center of his back and sent him soaring across the street. He shouted and restrained himself from slamming into a building as his aura erupted around him.
            He spun around. Riko came flying down the street. Fast.
            Welp. So much for that idea.
            Kyle ducked low, and thrust his shoulder forward. Riko surged ahead just slightly, and barreled over Kyle, who shot through the building—a retail store of some kind—until he flipped and leapt into the air. Riko caught his leg, but before he could throw Kyle, Kyle grabbed his arms and flung him to the ground. Riko landed rough, and the impact became that much worse when Kyle punched him across the head and a bright blue fist.
            Riko skidded down the street, making cracks in the road as he did.
            “Hey! That help you out any?” asked Kyle. His voice echoed down the street. Some more glass shattered and rubble crumbled around him.
            “Just helped piss me off,” Riko said.
            Kyle nodded. “Okay, thanks. Just checking in.”
            He leaned back, bracing himself. Riko would more than likely surge at him again. He wasn’t nearly fast enough to get around Kyle to the point where he couldn’t see him. Riko was a large creature, Kyle wouldn’t lose track of him. It was just dealing with him at that point.
            The other problem at hand, Kyle realized, was that Riko never really lost any stamina. He could fight for days on end. Kyle couldn’t. Or, he could, but not at this level. And not still when Alucard was waiting for him.
            A chill shot up his spine. Alucard, who was strong enough to take over both Lalay and Riko. He was waiting in some dark tower around here, masking his energy.
            Just for a second Kyle took his eyes off of Riko and he regretted it. That was what the Martian had been waiting for. He shot at Kyle, pulling his fist back. Luckily, Kyle was already leaned back. He propelled that way, holding his hands out. Riko closed in.
            Kyle unleashed the energy in his hands on his former ally. Riko was just barely quick enough to shield himself, but it knocked him back, sending him astray. Kyle shot into the sky before doubling down and kicking Riko in the side of the chest. Riko bounced once before knocking over a street light. Riko rose slowly, wiping blood from his face.
            “That’s more like it, Blue Nexus,” Riko said. “I’ve been wondering for a while if you can actually compete with me. But now let’s really test it.”
            Kyle’s eyes widened as Riko began a slow run toward him. Just because he could conserve power didn’t mean…
            Riko punched Kyle in the chest, sending him three blocks away and through an equal amount of tall buildings. Dust billowed everywhere.
            Kyle barely pushed himself up as Riko cleared all three buildings with ease, landing just in front of Kyle. Riko tried to kick him, but Kyle caught it, driving him back and slamming him onto the ground. Riko crashed both fists into Kyle’s head, jarring him enough to push him away. Kyle once again got up, but was punched into the sky.
            He caught himself, and moved back just as Riko met him. Their battle restarted, Riko moving at a pace Kyle could hardly keep up with. Kyle blocked one punch out of every four, but held his ground as best he could. Their auras crossed, colliding almost.
            Kyle spun around Riko, who blocked his kick, but couldn’t dodge the energy blast to the face. Kyle slammed him down like a volleyball, Riko hitting a building and then almost hitting the ground. He caught himself just before he could, though.
            As he touched down, Kyle did the same. He reached back, ripping his cloak away. The powerful gusts of wind that Lalay emitted caught it, and it flew away. It felt weird to have his face exposed. His long sleeves remained, covering up the Demon magic marking on his right arm. He felt the night’s chill in his bones.
            “Getting serious now, I see,” Riko said. He spat blood off to the side.
            “I’ve been serious,” Kyle said. “I’ve also realized that it isn’t really you talking, Riko. It’s Alucard. He might not control your moves, but he controls your mouth.”
            “Wrong, Blue Nexus,” Riko said. “Alucard has simply freed me to say as I will. Whatever incites you to continue our battle. I’m quite enjoying it. I’m sure you know the feeling of having few true competitors.”
            “I don’t go out looking for a fight all the time, it just sort of happens,” Kyle said. His aura intensified around him again. “But today I’ll say that I’ll willingly fight anyone Alucard controls. Whatever snaps them out of it.”
            “Good, then try and snap me out of it,” Riko said.
            Both fighters surged forward, leaving trails of black and blue behind them. Kyle’s fist connected as his free hand caught Riko’s attack. It took all of his power to stop it, thus Riko charged forward, overwhelming Kyle. He fell back, letting Riko topple overhead. He kicked Riko in the abs, flinging him into the air. Kyle jumped as well, but overshot Riko just barely, allowing Riko to catch his legs and fling him away.
            Kyle stopped himself, but Riko was already readjusted. He looked around, seeing Brenda and Sandy in equal combat as Hood Nexus did his best to keep up with Lalay’s speed.
            “Seems we have the best matchup out of all of them,” Kyle said. “Should make you a little proud.”
            “I’m just proud you’ve kept up so far,” Riko said. “But I know you’re still holding back. You’re not wanting to injury me in any significant way.”
            “Of course not,” Kyle said. “But I’ll still find a way to beat you, regardless.”
            “No you won’t.” Riko chuckled. “Alucard has seen to it that none of you can stop us. Besides, should you think you’ve defeated me, I have a contingency plan.”
            He flicked his head, gesturing for something behind Kyle. He turned slightly.
            Touching down on the building behind them was the scaly monster that plagued Kyle for so long, the one that constantly slipped out of his grasp. His arms unfolded from in front of his chest, and smoke emitted from his mouth. His snake eyes blinked as his large mouth cracked into a smile.
            “I hope I’m not interrupting anything,” Gargador said. “Please, do go on.”
            “You’re right on time,” Riko said.
            Kyle’s hand trembled. This wasn’t fair. The second he defeated Riko he had to battle Gargador? He hadn’t seen Gargador for days, so who knows if he even got any stronger. And both he and Hood Nexus couldn’t take him down, so what chance did he stand weaker against him?
            He panicked, and launched an energy blast at both of them. Gargador dodged while Riko took it and tossed it back. Kyle swatted it aside, then with blinding speed reappeared in front of Riko and elbowed him to the ground. He whirled around, only to receive a punch in the face from Gargador.
            Kyle slid on the ground, remaining on one knee to slow him down. He looked up. Gargador helped Riko up. The sight made Kyle sick to his stomach. His worst enemy helping his strongest ally.
            “On second thought, I’d like to get revenge for that team-up you guys had on me,” Gargador said. “Come on, Riko. Let’s not keep Alucard waiting.”
            “So you’re in on this too, huh Gargador?” a robotic voice asked overhead. All three combatants looked up.
            It was indeed a robotic figure, standing in shining, stainless silver on a wavering rooftop. He leapt down with ease, making cracks in the road as he landed.
            “Heard some of you were causing trouble and decided to check it out,” the robot said. Kyle raised his eyebrow. That voice, it was incredibly familiar…
            “Boomer?” asked Kyle.
            “The one and only,” Boomer said. He nodded at Kyle. The robot’s face was otherwise expressionless and had a simple, but sleek, design. Kyle nodded in return.
            “I don’t think we have much time for explanations, so I’ll just wait to get one later,” Kyle said. “And I’m really hoping you’re not here to fight with them.”
            “No, I’m here to fight with you,” Boomer said. “I’m the only one here capable of putting down Riko. It’s why I built the suit. Capable of defeating each member of the Zanderia. Including you. That’s besides the point. I got Riko covered here. If you and Gargador want to take your fight elsewhere, be my guest. I have a promise to keep.”
            Kyle glowered over to Gargador, who was sneering at Kyle. He lifted up into the sky, higher than the buildings and soared back several blocks. He heard the first engagement between Riko and Boomer from there.
            Good luck.
            Gargador touched down on the roof first, Kyle landing on the same one across the way. The battles were off in the distance, now, Kyle could barely hear them.
            “This is fun, it’s a nice return to some fond memories,” Gargador said. “Only now I can kill you, given how Boomer’s betrayed our plans.”
            “I thought your plans were something along the lines of becoming a real War God?” asked Kyle. “Now you’re aligning yourself with Alucard?”
            “He gives free power, which I’ll gladly receive,” Gargador responded. “Only you and your hero friends are in the way, and I’ll gladly remove you.”
            “You’re hilarious. But you’re quite right.” Kyle powered up immensely, feeling the energy flowing in him. “It’ll be fun.”
            Before Gargador could retort, or even react, he was blasted right off the side of the building, leaving nothing but a trail of blue smoke in his way. He tried to recover with a stream of fire, but Kyle headlocked him from behind.
            “With Riko, since I know you were watching, I was just holding back,” Kyle said. “With you? Not so much.”
            He turned down and then rocketed right at the ground. Kyle struggled to hold Gargador steady until the last moment, when he let go and pulled up. Gargador crashed into the ground beneath them. Kyle touched down, swatting aside some fire until it intensified and he had to repel it with his own energy.
            Gargador emerged from the small crater, bleeding on his head. His shoulder had a dark patch there as well. He roared and more fire plumed from his mouth. Kyle moved away, dodging his next attack. He punched Gargador swiftly in the gut, only to be hit over the head with the strength of his combined fists.
            Kyle flipped back, then swerved and stopped himself from going back further. He held out his hands, launching two energy balls right down at Gargador, who blocked them both and attacked Kyle.
            Gargador tried to pounce at Kyle when he was in the air, feigning a punch, then kicked Kyle in the head as the Blue Nexus dodged it. He shook his newly jarred head, trying to brush the injury away and out of memory. Gargador charged ahead again. Kyle locked hands with him, and both exchanged blows with their knees before colliding their heads. Kyle swayed back for a second, which was just long enough for Gargador to blast him with fire.
            Kyle plummeted through the roof of a building and landed on its second to last floor. He nimbly flexed his aura, but much of his shirt was singed off. His Demon mark was revealed. Great. He brushed the debris on him. It echoed around in the room. The smell of smoke filled the room, too. It was incredibly musky in the room. Kyle shook his head, and looked up.
            Gargador moved back, waiting for Kyle to emerge. His smile grew wider.
            “Oh, would you look at that!” he exclaimed. “I’m pretty sure I’ve only seen those on Demon magus. I had no idea?”
            “I’m not really into that sort of thing,” Kyle said. “I just took a bad detour getting here is all.”
            “I bet you sure could use the extra power up,” Gargador said. “Riko and Lalay are much stronger because of it.”
            “That’s not Demon magic, that’s possession. I don’t need this power to beat you, anyway.”
            “Try it, then,” Gargador said, gesturing for Kyle to attack.
            He did just that. Gargador flung him aside. Kyle recovered nimbly, and absorbed Gargador’s punch in order to maneuver away from him and elbow him away.
            Kyle dropped all the way to the ground, leaping back. Gargador smirked and nose-dived at Kyle with a large plume of fire in his mouth, waiting to be unleashed. Kyle smiled as Gargador got closer.
            As Gargador released the flames, Kyle shot a stream of energy right up, meeting the fire, causing a massive explosion. Gargador flew back. Glass and brick shattered as the cement around Kyle cracked and broke, too. Kyle scooted back some, but managed to stay on his feet otherwise.
            He grunted and swung his hand, the gust of wind knocking the smoke clear. Gargador emerged as a silhouette from a now-fallen building. Brick and debris lay everywhere along the street. Kyle grimaced. Well, that wouldn’t look good for them later.
            Gargador spit some small flame off to the side.
            “Clever,” he remarked.
            “Thanks, I’ve been meaning to do that for a while now,” Kyle said.
            Gargador nodded, and shot at Kyle again, who lurched forward. He wrapped up Gargador, tackled him, then rolled over and threw him forward. Kyle beamed after him, punching him to the left. Gargador bounced once and flew up into the sky. Kyle followed after him, avoiding the fireballs raining down on him. He cast two energy balls, both of which missed.
            Kyle levelled out with Gargador. They moved in a circle for one rotation before attacking each other once again, Kyle finding himself being pushed back. He redoubled his efforts, surging forward with his shoulder. Gargador attempted to block it, but Kyle was too strong, shattering his wrist. He spun around and tried to kick Gargador, but he blocked it and had Kyle at his mercy with his leg.
            Kyle reached forward, only to find a fireball ready to hit him. He shouted and covered himself, letting his energy out. His aura turned to real energy and exploded around him, blowing Gargador back. The demi-War God recovered quick, though, pouncing on Kyle once more.
            Blue Nexus blocked two fists and parried a kick away before landing his own attack. They shoved each other back. He was wasting too much time with Gargador.
            Kyle looked around, confused. Gargador took advantage of it, crashing into Kyle’s side. He bounced off the ground, bending his wrist back uncomfortably, before flipping back and landing.
            “Hey?” he responded.
            Jericho here, just making sure you made it back to Earth okay.
            Kyle looked down to his mark, which was wavering slightly. Oh. So that was a thing.
            “I did, and I’m glad to know I have a new psychic friend. But I’m kind of in the middle of a really important fight so if you wouldn’t mind butting out—.”
            Use the Demon magic with your Nexus powers. You’ll overwhelm that demi-War God rather effortlessly, Jericho said.
            “Um, no, sorry Jericho but I can’t use those powers right now,” Kyle said. “That’s a risk I can’t really take.”
            Gargador propelled toward Kyle. Kyle braced himself, but couldn’t help noticing the slight tugging in the back of his mind.
            Do it. Just this once. You’ll even be able to overcome Alucard like this.
            “No!” shouted Kyle.
            He dove to the side, avoiding the attack. He punched the ground in anger. Could’ve countered, could’ve at least hurt Gargador.
            The alien turned back around and moved on Kyle once again. Kyle clenched his fist, energy swelling around it. He took two large steps before launching energy from his feet and shooting at Gargador, blasting him with a fist-beam. It crashed into his face, sending him rolling. Kyle kicked him like a soccer ball even further down the city.
            He leapt up, keeping both fists clenched.
            Blue Nexus, listen to me, it’s what you have to do, Jericho said. Think about the time you’re wasting here. Think about how much more danger you’re putting everyone else in by not using this. What if Alucard takes them all over, too?
            “You’re telling me to deal in ifs,” Kyle said. Gargador stood back, swaying once. Perfect. Kyle unclenched his fists, putting his wrists together in front of him and turning his hands vertical. Energy pulsated through from his core up into is arms and into his hands.
            Gargador heaved in a giant breathe, then launched a humongous plume of fire at Kyle. Even from way up in the sky, he easily felt its heat. Windows cracked and some beads of sweat dropped down Kyle’s face.
            “But I’m dealing in what’s real!” Kyle shouted.
            The energy beam was magnificent. It shone the fine Nexus blue, lighting up the entire sky and the entire city. Kyle’s arms flexed and his veins glowed the same blue.
            The fire extinguished immediately. Gargador’s roar was hardly audible over the beam’s collision with the ground. The light faded, and Kyle lowered his arms. He sighed.
            Kyle floated down slowly. Both of his feet touched down at the same time. He jogged over to where Gargador was, noting his surroundings. The crater, the one he and Gargador created some days ago, was now deeper, wider. But instead of Kyle’s defeated, unconscious body, there instead lay Gargador, the proud demi-War God.
            Kyle nodded.
            “And now, I’m dealing with Alucard,” Kyle said. He turned around, sensing all of his friends—except Boomer—dealing with his foes. Riko came to mind. He still had some unfinished business there.
            Kyle sprinted until he caught enough speed to leap into the sky and shoot through the city streets. Not to mention that Riko was on his way to Alucard. And finally ending all of this darkness.

Next time: It's the last "Blue Nexus" of 2015! Kyle and Hood Nexus team up one more time as they mount their assault on Alucard's dark tower, where they'll discover who he is, how he is, and why he is terrorizing the Earth. Check out the 2015 finale, "Twin Nexus Pt. 2" next week! 


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