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Blue Nexus #34 - Twin Nexus Pt. 2

            Kyle vaulted over the leaning tower, all of its windows shattered. The collateral damage was already getting out of hand and he knew the second round of fighting had only just begun. Not. Good.
            Sure this part of the city, and hopefully several more parts of it, had been evacuated already but the fact of the matter was that these were people’s homes. Kyle felt a twang of pain in his noggin. Clean up at the baseball field was bad, how about in a small metropolis like this one? That small movement against super heroes in Adelita would be all over the government now, with a much larger voice.

            He landed on a small support beam, bent out of shape and groaning as it prepared to snap. There was a sudden boom that alerted him Riko and Boomer’s nearby presence. He glanced ahead, watching as Hood Nexus tackled Lalay into the cement then drove forward. Brenda and Sandy were dueling with magic on the same road.
            Kyle looked back down to the battle right below him. Riko was clearly tired out and it was impossible to tell if Boomer were petering out by this point. More than likely, it would be visible, as it would be no more than a man in a suit. But this was a man on a mission. Boomer came in swinging, ready to stand up for the fight that Luna wanted to start against Alucard.
            Kyle’s ears perked, feeling a creep presence in his gut. Alucard. His tower of darkness was around here somewhere. He could sense his dark magical energy. It was very similar to the Demon magic residing in him now—which may also have been why there was an unsettling tingle in his right shoulder—but was also similar to just pure, dark energy. Not quite like Black Nexus, that’d been overwhelming, but close. A mix of sorts.
            Whatever it was, none of it spelled good news. Kyle quieted his mind, closing his eyes, slowing his breathing, and focusing his sixth sense of energy projection. The clashing of dark magic with Brenda’s magic and Hood Nexus’s powers overwhelmed him at first. Kyle knelt down, balancing himself on one knee. The groaning of the beam faded.
            Everything became still. He was alone, kneeling in a black sky, illuminated only by his blue lines of energy. There was no destruction, no other energies around him. There was only him. And a void of power.
            Kyle felt his body go numb as his mind pulsed. Alucard only managed to escape because he put off so little of his energy, and in times of crises or to incite war did he use it explosively. It was the same everywhere he affected. In Gargador, his powers were hidden until Kyle appeared. In Vermont, the Squid was under the lake and used humans as its demonic underlings to suck their life and power Alucard. And here too, only this time, Kyle had a clear shot at him.
            There was nothing standing between Kyle and Alucard anymore. Absolutely…nothing…
            All that was suddenly came rushing back at Kyle. His eyes jolted open. He rose to his feet, turning his head slightly to the left. It was a smaller tower, one completely untouched by any battles. Nothing about it seemed different and Alucard was certainly hiding himself there well. But not well enough. Kyle knew how these types worked. It was the same as Black Nexus, it was the same as Kyle.
            Alucard wanted to play in the shadows like Black Nexus, using techniques nobody had seen, but the Demon mage in him wanted absolute carnage. With nobody to play with, the Demon mage made desperate pleas for help. It emitted just enough energy.
            Kyle looked down, startled to find that the beam was actually fully bent and Kyle was merely floating over the tower. He looked back down to Riko and Boomer.
            Boomer’s robotic arm launched toward Riko, extending, and connecting with his face. Riko shot down the street. Kyle plummeted at a controlled, but very fast, speed, hitting him in the gut with his foot. Dust exploded everywhere, a crater forming and shaking the buildings around them.
            Boomer approached through the dust. Kyle leapt back, standing next to Boomer. Riko was out cold, his arms splayed out and a big red spot on his chest the size of Kyle’s foot.
            “Nice job,” Boomer said. “Though I’m pretty sure my attack handled him.”
            “Well if you have a suit that can beat all the Zanderia, then I certainly hope so,” Kyle said. “I would highly recommend you don’t use that on me, I’m in a bit of a mood.”
            “Oh, really?” asked Boomer.
            “How did you beat up Riko, were you just able to outmuscle him?” asked Kyle.
            “Outlast him, sure. But there’s also a core element of my suit that’s poisonous to Riko. Not in the way you’re thinking, I’m just slightly original with this.”
            “How so?”
            “Martians have a key weakness, and it doesn’t come from any planet this side of the asteroid belt, rather from Europa. I’ve been working with the War God Cata the past, well, nearly year and found that Earth was lucky enough to have some such materials on it in a previous encounter it had with Europans.”
            Kyle raised an eyebrow. “You’re serious?”
            “That’s why there’s a difference between just history and recorded history. Anyway, the material now come in the form of a liquid, which I can use to power the suit as well as defuse in the form of a gas, poisoning Riko but not to a lethal amount. Not if I choose.”
            “I’ll assume you chose just to weaken him enough?” asked Kyle.
            “Yes, though, I’m sure if the suit were strong enough, I could do what most other races do against the Martians: just try to out muscle him, as you were trying and failing.”
            Kyle placed a hand on Boomer’s shoulder, then tightened his grip. The metal bent. Boomer turned his metal head to look at the wound in his armor.
            “Like I said, I’m in a bit of a mood tonight,” Kyle said. “I just found out where Alucard is holed up and we’re going to need everyone together to make an assault on his tower.”
            “So you want my help in taking down Lalay, if the other Nexus can’t? And what about Sandy, your friend?”
            “Brenda can take care of her, so it’s Lalay I’m really worried about most.”
            Boomer nodded, and began levitating, a slight humming entering Kyle’s ears as he did so.
            “By the way, good to see you without all that hooded garb, and do a better job covering that tattoo, most heroes don’t look good to the public with tattoos,” Boomer said, then shot into the air, over the building.
            Kyle rubbed his arm shyly.
            “I mean it looks cool,” he muttered, then leapt on top of a lower building before dashing across the street and stopping himself a block away from Hood Nexus striding over to Lalay’s unconscious body. Her hair was frizzed out and her arms hanging lanky by her side. He heaved several breaths in and gave Kyle a thumbs up. The whirring from Boomer returned while he lowered himself closer to the ground.
            Hood Nexus shook his head. “Looks kinda silly on you now, Boomer, I’m not gonna lie.”
            “At the moment I’m not concerned with the look, Nexus, and you shouldn’t be either,” Boomer retorted. “Our friend here managed to locate Alucard.”
            Hood Nexus nodded, then looked over to Kyle. His eyes flicked to his exposed right shoulder. He smirked.
            “And score himself a sweet tattoo I’m sure he’ll tell me about later,” Hood Nexus said. “But I don’t want to make our robo friend here angrier by just sitting around. Let’s get Brenda then get Alucard.”
            He sprinted down the street, Kyle and Boomer following after him. Kyle noticed that Boomer’s joints were relatively quiet, it was just the landing of his feet that prohibited any sort of stealth being achieved.
            They turned the corner on the street as Brenda shoved Sandy away with a red barrier, then wrapped her around in it and flung her at a building, opening up the barrier. Sandy crashed against the wall, and dropped down onto a balcony, knocked out.
            “Well I’m glad we could all finish our fights in a timely manner,” Hood Nexus said. “How’re you feeling?”
            Brenda sighed, rolling back her shoulders. Some magic sizzled in her hands. “Not too bad. I’ll just guess and say we’re going to get Alucard now? Also, is that Boomer?”
            “Yup,” Kyle said. He rubbed his head. It was weird being in his Nexus form but not being in full costume. He was glad there were no news teams around…though why where were none was probably cause for concern.
            “Okay then,” Brenda said. “Let’s go.”
            They each took off, with Brenda creating a small support square beneath her so she wouldn’t have to exert so much force them flying. Kyle’s aura was a brilliant blue light while Hood Nexus’s didn’t shine all that much.
            The group approached the building fast, flying over many of the city’ buildings and headed straight for it. Kyle’s sense for Alucard grew immensely on their journey.
            Something wrapped around his leg and yanked at him. Something tore in Kyle’s leg and he screamed. Boomer whirled around and punched at whatever it was, releasing Kyle from its grip. They all stopped and turned to see four giant, shadowed monsters rising from the streets. Kyle gulped.
            “We really don’t have the time for this…because of this,” Hood Nexus said.
            “Then you two go on ahead,” Boomer said. “Shindari and I can handle these monsters for a little while. Hopefully you’ll be enough for Alucard.”
            “One can dream,” Kyle muttered, then turned with Hood Nexus and blasted for the building.
            He leaned up slightly, making sure he was on the right level, then soared through the window, and right into Alucard’s room. His mere presence was overwhelming. Something nudged his gut and he veered off course, flying through a wall. Drywall and debris settled onto Kyle, who pushed himself up, feeling the pain in his leg sear up through his body. His knee buckled beneath him, but he ignored it and walked on, wincing as he did so.
            Hood Nexus emerged, his body a silhouette against the fading lights of the city. Alucard stepped into the room, also bathed in shadow, but he was in a solid, human form. Gone was his demon state, replaced by a real, punch-able body. Good.
            Kyle’s hand fluxed with energy, then he thrust it forth. Alucard swatted it away, and Kyle caught the briefest glimpse of who it was behind all this. But, no, it couldn’t be…
            “So they sent the two Nexus after me?” asked Alucard. His voice was cold, but very, very slick and deep. Every word left almost a resonance within Kyle. Kyle wasn’t even sure if this was Alucard asserting himself at the two of them, or if this was just his way of speaking.
            “We came voluntarily,” Hood Nexus said. “One of us has a bigger beef with you anyway.”
            Alucard turned to face Kyle. He clenched a fist. Kyle put up fisticuffs.
            “I’m rather surprised to see you, Blue Nexus, though not displeased. I can see that the Nether treated you well, though. I’ve got a marking just like it.”
            “Except I’m not like you,” Kyle said, and shot two more energy blasts at Alucard. A black wall appeared, absorbing both blasts. Hood Nexus did the same, and the wall moved over, shoving him back toward the broken window. Hood Nexus swung his arms and it dissipated.
            “Whatever you say,” Alucard said. “But you’ve caused far more damage to the city than I ever did while I was here. If you’d only leave me be, there would be very little done to this entire area. It’s just the people that will suffer, as they will should they try to return to their homes.”
            “Houses can be rebuilt, not lives,” Kyle said.
            “Oh, but you would know,” Alucard said. “As would I.”
            “Is this the part where you give us your long, tragic backstory?” asked Hood Nexus.
            “It’s neither long nor tragic, but yes, I suppose so,” Alucard agreed.
            “Thought so, Kyle go!”
            Both Nexus blasted at Alucard simultaneously. Alucard sighed, shooting two beams of darkness at the two of them. Kyle dodged it, and continued on, his fist nearly connecting with Alucard’s cheek. Alucard ducked out of the way at the last second and punched Kyle in the gut. Blood spat out of his mouth, and he was flung to the side.
            In a second, Hood Nexus landed right next to him.
            “Okay, so, let’s try it where we don’t go at the same time,” Hood Nexus said, and charged across the room at Alucard.
            Alucard reached out, then swung his arm. The fridge slammed into Hood Nexus sending him toppling out of the building. Kyle dodged the TV being thrown at him and stood one-on-one against Alucard. Kyle was leaned forward, clearly favoring his left leg. He punched quickly at Alucard, using quick jabs and uppercuts to try and disable the use of his arms. He was hit in the back of the head, though, but a desk and lurched forward. Alucard kicked out at Kyle’s leg, crunch, then back-handed him into the wall behind.
            Hood Nexus leapt back up, lighting up the room with energy blasts. Blue energy dust filtered in until there was an explosion and Kyle dropped down to the next story, looking up to see that there was no more of the room anymore. The tower just now had an incredibly noticeable hole in it, how good.
            Alucard lowered his arms and the black aura around him faded. He was otherwise completely unharmed, but heaved a good sigh.
            “Phew, nearly got a few good shots in there,” Alucard said. He looked down to Kyle. “How’s about you give it a try?”
            “How’s about I just keep it up?” shouted Hood Nexus, and bolted across the open sky to Alucard. Hood Nexus punched for Alucard’s face, but it was deflected with relative ease. He kicked his foot back, and it landed, hitting Alucard in the chest.
            Kyle leapt up, holding his palm open. His lance appeared in his hand and he rocketed up. Alucard pushed away Hood Nexus, then noticed Kyle’s lance spiraling at him. He avoided it, but was still delivered a nasty cut across his chest. Kyle was on top of him in a flash, blowing up an energy blast right in his face.
            Alucard plummeted down, catching himself in the open sky. So he could fly. Kyle shrugged. At this point, that really shouldn’t be too big of a deal.
            What was a big deal was the fact that Kyle could see who he was. Kyle clenched a fist, tightly. Alucard noticed and smiled, then laughed.
            “How could it be you, Mr. Evart?” Kyle asked. “How could you be a monster?”
            “I was born this way, several thousand years ago,” Mr. Evart—no, Alucard—said. “Before the magic on this world was hidden, before being a mage was considered taboo. When the War Gods dominated much of the universe and when humanity was much smarter than it was now. You think you know anything, either of you? You know nothing. Of magic, of the War Gods, of even the Nexus.”
            Kyle’s whole body was tense. This wasn’t Mr. Evart talking. Perhaps Alucard possessed him too?
            “I was the strongest being on Earth, and I had so many faithful allies. Then I was betrayed. Sold out to one of the War Gods, where all of my magical power was absorbed and he would then go onto become the greatest War God there is. He would ascend onto a whole other plane, with my power.”
            A chill ran up Kyle’s spine. Jericho mentioned someone like this.
            “So I went into a long, long rest to restore my body with my allies. And while they’ve never awoken, I no longer have need of them. When I found out there was a human capable of creating artificial life and replicating some form of energy with it, and even working with a War God, I knew I had to meet them. So I created a false persona. It put me closer to my goal, closer than I would ever be. Who could challenge me, the most powerful mage?
            “In resting my magic grew more than I ever dared to dream—literally. I supplanted much of it within Boomer’s workplace, giving him the power to strengthen Gargador as well as his Aberrants. It forced me to split my forms until the time was right and I no longer had need of him, and when that fool woman got in the way. I had asserted much control over the world again. Your heroes were scattered, and all your hopes were dashed! Now, you are all that stands in my way, Kyle. I won’t be denied the fate I was born for. I will rule this planet once again with a fist of shadow and iron, and crush any hope humanity has. I strive for this hopelessness. And for my proper fate.”
            Kyle sighed. Hood Nexus looked over to him, and Kyle could tell he was slightly concerned about him. Kyle lowered himself down so he would be level with Alucard, who had his arms crossed. Kyle glared across at him. He wore Evart’s face, sure, but it was a clear mask now. That sneer, those dark eyes with red pupils. That shadowy aura. Behind the façade of well-dressed, well-meaning teacher, one of Kyle’s friends at school, was an enemy waiting to crush him, crush the city like he had the lives of so many others.
            “I don’t want to have to fight Mr. Evart,” he said. “But I want to destroy Alucard. And because of that, I don’t have any other choice.”
            “Good,” Alucard said. He held out a hand, and blasted darkness at Kyle.
            His aura appeared, and deflected the blast, which flew away and destroyed another part of the tower. Kyle glowered up, his aura intensifying. He couldn’t feel his right leg, thankfully, as pain was no longer a distraction. He would fight perfectly well without it. He had to.
            Both men floated in the air, Kyle looking around. Hood Nexus was nowhere to be seen for some reason. Until a large blue energy beam appeared right around Alucard, enveloping him completely. Kyle grimaced. Nice.
            It ruptured, though, as Alucard pushed out against it. The Demon mage spun around, noticing Hood Nexus in the sky above him. Kyle took it as his own opportunity, launching at Alucard, who vanished in a plume of dark mist.
            Kyle spun around, just barely grabbing Alucard’s foot out of the sky. He spun it around, and punched Alucard straight in the throat, before turning down and diving for the ground. Alucard tried to vanish again but Kyle’s aura appeared and stopped him. Alucard grunted, then slightly chuckled as he spun around, wrestling Kyle.
            They continued to fall, but no longer in Kyle’s control. They were simply falling. Kyle tried to let go, but Alucard kept his grip tight.
            “You get what you pay for,” Alucard said, and the ground rose up to meet them.
            Dust shot all through the streets, followed by a large, black explosion. Kyle’s body spat out of there, rolling as he hit the ground. He got up, his right leg trembling beneath him. Alucard shot out of the darkness, punching Kyle across the face. More blood came out of Kyle’s mouth. Kyle retaliated, hitting Alucard in the chest. Quickly he tried to step around Alucard, but the Demon mage kicked out against his right leg, head-butted Kyle.
            Blue Nexus stumbled back. Hood Nexus appeared, blasting at Alucard. He dodged each one and sent a huge wave of dark magical energy down the street, taking up the entire road. Hood Nexus was blasted back. Kyle tried to take advantage, elbowing Alucard in the back of the head and trying to drive himself with it but Alucard deflected his next attack and opened a dark magical blast into Kyle’s own gut.
            Kyle crashed against a building, falling until he bounced off a balcony and just dropped onto the pavement below. He looked up, his vision blurring. The entire street was wiped clean, with what seemed like a single swipe of his hands. Kyle cupped his hands, getting to his feet as he was braced against the wall. He took a large step, and one large breath, then shot his energy out toward Alucard.
            The blast managed to catch him, and send him rocketing into the building. The upper levels of the building shook and groaned. Another, smaller building crumbled to the ground. Kyle pushed himself forward, barely, and broke out into a slight run.
            Alucard roared, releasing simultaneously his own energy, his shout echoing around what felt like the entire city. Kyle stopped, looking up. The building groaned once more, and the large portion of it that was the room collapsed in on itself. The upper three-fourths suddenly leaned over, careening toward an open street. Kyle shouted, but that didn’t do any good. Nobody would hear, and everyone would see.
            He felt the blast before he heard it. It knocked him back a few paces, followed by the loudest sound in his life. His ears were ringing, and he was blinded completely by the dust that followed it. He put his hand over his mouth, flashing his aura. Kyle tried shouting for Alucard, but it was as if nobody could hear him.
            Then he felt it. Someone was right behind him. He turned slightly, seeing the darkness that was Alucard towering over him.
            A red wall appeared before him, then pushed him back. Brenda shot into the dust, shouldering him away. Alucard crashed into the street.
            Hood Nexus leapt down next to Kyle, his blue aura also lighting them up in the darkness of the dust cloud. Alucard stood up, just as a shadow. Kyle’s leg twitched. He looked down.
            A small red cube was around his knee, healing it up. He smiled to Brenda, who nodded to him.
            “Boomer’s finishing up the last monster,” Brenda said. “The building collapsing actually did us some good for the moment. The three of us just need to finish this up here.”
            Hood Nexus nodded. “Let’s go. Brenda, support us from the back. We’ll make use of whatever energy we have left.”
            Kyle and Hood Nexus blasted at Alucard, who was standing stoically, appearing as nothing more than a very dark shadow in the dust cloud. Kyle was at him first, punching high. Hood Nexus kicked low. Alucard blocked both attacks, and shoved them both away at the same time. Kyle this time attacked from behind, his hands alight in blue. Hood Nexus was the same, though Kyle could really only see a humanoid blue shape.
            They blasted at Alucard, who leapt up. Perfect. Kyle turned and went right up, punching Alucard in the back. It did little. Alucard merely turned around, grabbing his wrist. A red barrier appeared around Alucard. The Demon mage swung his arm, shattering the cube, and cast Kyle at Brenda. Kyle managed to stop himself, then managed to catch Hood Nexus.
            Both Nexuses attacked once again, going at Alucard with the same exact speed. Alucard merely smiled, punching Hood Nexus in the nose and opening his palm up. Kyle was far too slow to stop himself.
            Brenda sprinted over to the boys who merely dropped to the ground. Kyle could really feel his leg stitching back together now, but the rest of his body was relatively unresponsive. He reached out and Brenda helped him up, only to be followed by her scream as Alucard blasted her away.
            He dropped down, picking up Kyle by the throat and holding him up with one arm.
            “I just wanted to show you how much power I’ve been holding back this whole time,” Alucard said. “And how you could ever dream to defeat me.”
            Kyle felt a tugging behind him. A small hole opened up in the fading dust storm. Brenda’s hair was the first to be tugged before she started moving toward the hole. It was a dimensional doorway. Of darkness?
            Of the Nether.
            Kyle kicked out at Alucard, who merely smiled. Hood Nexus dove at him. Alucard redirected him, blasting him into the doorway, and knocking Brenda in as well. He walked Kyle over there, suffocating him. Kyle could only see black stars in an otherwise sparkling city.
            “Goodbye, Kyle Raiden,” Alucard said. “Until we meet again, in Hell.”
            He released Kyle, who dropped into the cold, but familiar, embrace of Jericho’s Nether, where the throbbing on his arm spread down and those stars he saw faded into a grey sky.

Next time: Kyle, Brenda, and Hood Nexus have been cast into the Nether, but things are far different this time around! Plus, the identity of Hood Nexus is finally revealed. Be sure to check it out when "Blue Nexus" returns in 2016 with "Blue Nexus #35 - Familiar Faces"!


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