Monday, August 1, 2016

Blog Update #8: MAGIC YEAH

Well the school year for most students is just around the corner (be it a week or a month...or a few months if you're into that kind of thing, can't blame you) and we're back to the old grind here. The schedule is going to be tight and, as always, subject to change, but this time I feel like I'm bringing more observation to the table than regular reviews. There are a lot of major events happening in the entertainment world in the coming world, so, may as well talk about them. 
I think the biggest things that I wanted to tackle are going to be the first things I get to, actually. That being that Bleach is ending (very soon) and Fairy Tail is reaching a milestone 500th chapter, and where we are now seems to be leading to possible a humongous confrontation for the chapter. I'll give my thoughts on that in another Fairy Tail Chat, but the Bleach ending is going to be a topic of discussion twice mostly because of how controversial it is. Are the events in the manga controversial? No, the ending itself is just fine, probably how people expected. It's just that it's so obviously rushed, it's like watching a clip-show of what could have happened. I always thought Bleach, like Naruto before it, would ended at the 700th chapter. But nope.

In terms of actual reviews, I don't have that very many much planned out. Most of them revolve around what's happening or are just Valiant Comics I think everyone should read because Valiant is awesome. 

Valiant is life. 

Although one thing I will note is that I'm still undecided on which Supergirl comic by Joe Kelly I want to review. Both absolutely INFURIATE me and yet it's for different reasons. I don't want to do both, though perhaps one day I will get around to the other one. 

But the overarching theme, for me anyway, feels magical. Mostly because of the events of "Blue Nexus," which will most certainly take us through the New Year and well into the next. It's going to be the largest-scale battle that the group has ever faced and is finally going to reveal the secrets of magic in the world, universe, and greater thing called reality as a whole. I know it's strange for the next arc to revolve around magic when the last one was all about science fiction, but oh well. It seems the right time. 

To go along with that magic, too, I decided to review one of the best comics I've read this year (though perhaps not Top 10 material, but we'll see): Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat #8. I know most people see this book as very childish and very much not very serious, but this was a really great issue focused on how fast tragedy can strike a group of friends and shows the repercussions of it. Patsy, being magical based, fits the theme. I thought about doing Issue 7 where she pals around with ya girl Jessica Jones, but went with the eighth for it's merits. 

And really, that's all. Another Blog Update will come along in October, but I can go ahead and confirm ahead of time that there won't be, again, episodic reviews of Arrow nor The Flash. I do plan on doing something special for the four-night crossover, obviously, but I'll just enjoy the show and then give my final thoughts when it all wraps next May. 

As always, if you like my comic book reviews and are interested in seeing more, the page called Comic Book Reviews that you can check out! 


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