Sunday, January 7, 2018

Blog Update: Winter 2018

So last year was a bit...sporadic. Quite different, I'd also add. There were notable omissions from this little blog here, as well as some heavy delays to some once-tightly scheduled publications, as well as a seemingly random schedule of releases when it came to some reviews or content in general. 2017 certainly didn't make it easy for me to get around to this, but after spending some time thinking about how to handle the blog moving forward, I think I know what direction to take things moving into 2018. And, if everything pans out like I'm hoping it will, then there's some pretty exciting stuff coming down the tube.
One of the biggest things that I didn't get to do much of, if at all last year, was review comic books. I got in a few reviews in January, but the only two posts after that were the 2017 Halftime Report and the Top 10 list. I liked how both of those were handled, especially the Halftime Report, so I may keep that around.

I did really miss getting to talk about comics on a regular basis. It's always fun to just dissect a particularly bad or particularly good comic book, since it leads to several avenues of discussion and exploration. However, getting the reviews together takes a ton of time that I simply do not have much of nowadays. It'd be far too painstaking to look at a single issue of a comic and go as in-depth as I normally would.

That said, I've decided to adopt a new format of reviewing comic books. Rather than look back and see if a book is relevant for reviewing, I've decided to change things up. Each week, I'm going to be looking at the stack of comics that I got that week, and doing little blurbs on all of them. They'll be the length of a full review, but I'll be able to cover many more issues in the same amount of time.

I do intend, though, on reviewing full series in a single post once they wrap up, should I deem it necessary to review. I've already got a review for Redlands scheduled for later this month, as long as it ships on time.

There's also a new format of discussion I want to do with comic books that maybe rub me the wrong way, titled "Major Issues." In it, I'll be highlighting what exactly I think isn't clicking with a particular title. I won't want to remedy the comic, but it'll basically be a little therapy session for me to get out my frustrations with the book and just come to an understanding of why that book isn't so hot for me. It'll be a bit more infrequent than reviews...I hope. I hope I don't have to be discussing what I dislike about comics every month, I'd like for things to remain positive.

Moving away from comics to the other major medium around here, into anime, there isn't much in the way of anime coming around just yet. I may do a discussion post for my initial impressions of some Winter 2018 anime in the coming weeks, once some series start getting into Episode 3 or so. I'm debating doing a review of the massively popular Devilman Crybaby. On the one hand, it's a very intriguing show that's opening itself more and more to discussion with each episode; on the other hand, I know nothing of the source material.

One thing I would like to expand upon is doing something similar to my Classroom of the Elite discussion, wherein I examined what exactly was going on with the show and how minute elements of the series played into the series as a whole. I prefer that to a standard review, since it allows me to go a bit more in-depth with the characters, the world, and how the overall themes of the series relate to what's actually happening on screen, and maybe some things that are left unspoken.

I'd also like to continue some coverage for Dragon Ball FighterZ. I just did my DLC Wishlist for the game, and I anticipate doing an impressions post the weekend after the game is released. I may even do something for the Beta, too. This is one of the biggest games of the year, and I can't wait to be able to play it and share my experience with people.

Lastly, I want to get back to Blue Nexus. The "Magus War" arc just ended and we're going to be entering a few stories of just good fun and exploring where the gang can go after the massive battle that they underwent. It'll be returning to its normal bi-weekly schedule, only now it'll be premiering on Tuesdays, rather than Thursdays.

In addition to the normal Blue Nexus, there will also be the monthly mini-series Blue Nexus: Dark Soul that'll be released the first or second weekend of each month. It's a brand new story for the crew, running at six parts, each longer than a standard Blue Nexus episode. It's been in the works for a while and will shed light on some information that's been hinted at before, but never truly explored in depth.

And that's all I have for right now. I'm pretty disappointed in how 2017 went, but I'm still proud of what content I was able to release when I did, like my review of Gundam Versus, my review of Dragon Ball Super Episode 100, and the aforementioned discussion on Classroom of the Elite. Look forward to the newest Blue Nexus this Tuesday, and the first run of comic review for the week this Wednesday.

As always, thank you for reading.


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